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By Brett V. Franson, D.C.

At the Café of Life you will experience a completely different approach to, and way
of thinking about, not only health and healing, but also LIFE!
Our philosophy and approach to health and healing is different than conventional
ways.  How you ask?  What makes us so different?
It seems there is a virtual war against disease in our world.  We are fighting
everything – high blood pressure, cholesterol, germs and infectious diseases, heart
disease, obesity, childhood illnesses, cancer, and even worldly affairs such as crime,
drugs and terrorism.  Are we really winning any of these wars?

“It is useless to fight the darkness.  One must turn on a light.”
 “It is also useless to fight disease.  One must turn on LIFE!”
Conventional perspectives see disease as an entity that must be controlled or
eliminated.  Once the disease is absent, we call that health.  From this conventional
perspective, disease is the presence of something, and health is the absence of that
Is health really an absence?
 Or is it a presence?
 Presence of What you ask?

What Is Health?
Our Approach
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